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  1. I have previously registered but have forgotten my password. How do I log in?
    No problem. Just click on the ‘Forgotten your password’ link on the login page to have your password sent to you.
  2. What software do I need to use for mx-3dmodels?
    The model formats that are available for each model are listed on the product preview pages next to each item.
    Format compatibility:
    Lightwave: .lwo, .obj
    3D Studio Max: .max Version 10, .3ds, .obj
    Maya: .obj
    3D Studio: .3ds, .obj
    Softimage XSI: .lwo
    Cinema 4D: .3ds, .obj
    Rhino: .lwo, .3ds, .obj
    Please note all models have been modeled in LightWave and 3D Studio Max, all .3ds, and .obj files are exported files.
    Max version 10 files are not downward compatible.
    If no Max or 3ds file is available the obj file is an export from Lightwave and is not Max compatible.
  3. Are the models compatible with both MAC and PC?
    Yes, but refer to formats above for program compatibility.
  4. Will I be able to download all the formats that are available for each model?
    Yes, all the formats will be available in your download area for a period of 30 Days from the purchase date.
  5. What format will my downloaded models be?
    The model formats available are listed on the model preview pages. All Models and textures are zipped ready for download.
  6. Are the Textures included?
    Yes, the textures are included free of charge and are subject to the same royalty free agreement.
  7. How do you protect my credit card information?
    We provide a safe and secure checkout process via PAYPAL, mx-3dmodels does not store your credit card details.
  8. How do I get my purchased models?
    Once you have finished checkout, your models will be available to download in the ‘my account’ pages. Please remember to download and save your clip within 30 days.
  9. How long will my purchases be available to download?
    Your purchases will only remain in the downloads section of your account for 30 days, after which they will be removed. Please ensure that you have download and save your item(s) within this time frame!
  10. Are there discounts available for buying more than one model?
    Yes! Please see our current special offers by clicking here.
  11. Where can I use MX-Models?
    Whether you are using the models for visualistion for the web, 3D or broadcast, you can use our models to bring your project to life. For example, you can use our models in Architectural walk-throughs, T.V. advertisements, educational video‘s, web sites, multimedia presentations and many other uses but please see our Terms and Conditions.
  12. What is a royalty free license?
    ‘Royalty-free’ designates a model license that provides for the unlimited use of a model in any media defined in the Terms and Conditions. ‘Royalty-free’ is the opposite of ‘rights-managed’. A rights-managed model needs a specific license stating the audience and material intended for the clip. All the models on mx-3dmodels are royalty-free.
  13. Do I have to pay royalties for purchased products every time they feature in a final piece of work?
    No. All royalties are paid at the time of purchase for Royalty Free products. After making the royalty payment with your purchase, you obtain the perpetual usage rights for the product royalty-free. However, your purchase is bound by the other restrictions for product use and does not include the right to transfer the ownership of the product to someone else, resell the product or publish it in any format that is usable by a 3D application. Please see Terms and Conditions for more details on the permitted usage of purchased products.
  14. How long may I use the models I downloaded?
    You can continue to use the models you have downloaded for as long as you want, however, it will only be available for download on the mx-3dmodels web site for 30 days.
  15. Can I sell any models or images that I download from mx-3dmodels?
    No, you may not offer them for resale or distribution.
  16. I see you have a model that is just what I need for my new film, print advertisement, or game. What restrictions are there on my usage?
    Our aim is to allow you the most possible flexibility in using purchased models while protecting the interests of any intellectual property owner whose intellectual property may be contained in the model. MX-Online grants to the member who either purchases Standard Royalty Free License product, or downloads free Standard Royalty Free License product, a non-exclusive license to utilise mx-3dmodels product as incorporated content, where the purchased model has to be incorporated into your final content in a way that the end user of it cannot access the purchased model itself. Incorporated content allows mx-3dmodels product to used to reproduce, post, promote, publicly perform, publicly display, digitally perform, or transmit for promotional and commercial purposes and, wherever necessary, having determined the purpose and usage appropriate by you as the user ensuring the content protects the interests of any intellectual property owner.
  17. Can I buy a model from mx-3dmodels under the Standard Royalty Free License, then use it to render out imagery for use anywhere within a book, poster, t-shirt or other items for sale commercially?
    Yes. The rendered image in these cases does not constitute redistribution of the product in a prohibited manner. Public display and performance rights are standard to the default license agreement between mx-3dmodels and the user. Can I buy a model from mx-3dmodels under the Standard Royalty Free License, then use it to render out imagery for use anywhere within a book, poster, t-shirt or other items for sale commercially?
  18. Can I buy a product from mx-3dmodels and convert it into an object I resell in a virtual world, like Second Life?
    Having determined the purpose and usage is appropriate by ensuring the content protects the interests of any intellectual property owner. Virtual worlds can include mx-3dmodels products as part of the virtual world or game, but users cannot purchase mx-3dmodels products to re-sell in those worlds.
  19. Once I buy a product from mx-3dmodels, may I change it for my use?
    Absolutely, so long as the modified product is used within the scope of the license agreement. The only exception here is that simply because you have purchased a product and changed it around (applying textures, adding details, etc.) this does not grant you the right to re-distribute and sell that product as your own.
  20. If I buy a model to use as a template (a reference to guide the placement of my polygons and curves) for another model I am going to build from scratch, how can I use the new model? Can I sell the new model I make on mx-3dmodels?
    Using models purchased or downloaded from mx-3dmodels as templates allowed. You are welcome to do this and can use the new model that you made or derived from a model on mx-3dmodels in any way that you would use a purchased model. You will not, however, be able to resell the new model. By using the first model as a template for the creation of a new model, the new model automatically is a derivative of the purchased model. Derivatives of mx-3dmodels may not be sold on or used in any manner inconsistent with the mx-3dmodels Terms and Conditions.
  21. Last Updated - 22/07/2011
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