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MX-Visualisation Maxwell Cafe

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We have continued to experiment with Maxwell Render. Maxwell Cafe, rendered using Maxwell, the software provides a cool ambient lighting, and softer shadows, reflections and textures.

Go to  to view more renders we created

Casa Narigua by David Pedroza Castaneda

Narigua House-01 Narigua House-02 Narigua House-03 Narigua House-04 Narigua House-05


In the mountains of north-west Mexico lies the Casa Narigua, designed by Mexican architect David Pedroza Castaneda; a red pigmented concreted home, formed of overlapping cantilevered volumes.

The design aims to emulate, the conditions and environment experience by mountain-enclosed neighbourhoods. ”Residents live alongside the typical vegetation and wildlife.” states Pedroza Castaneda.

The House stands like a protruding rock from the tree cannopy, with its concrete exterior suggesting a similar language to the surrounding rocky terrain. Once inside however, the concrete appears minimal, as more emphasis is placed on the threshold between the house and nature.

Every space is designed to focus on the landscape; large glass panels, and open hallways direct the eye beyond the house and into nature.

To see more work by avid Pedroza Castaneda, follow the link below