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Gerrit Rietveld’s Stelman Chair Reissued

Steltman chair reissued 01 Steltman chair reissued 02 Steltman chair reissued 03

Gerrit Rietveld’s Stelman Chair Reissued

The Steltman chair, designed by Gerrit Rietveld has been reissued by furniture brand Rietveld Originals to mark the iconic design’s fiftieth anniversary.

The design is broken up into three simple shapes that appear to rest up against and on top of each other. These sections are all upholstered in leather, the original material used to cover the chair

Sensing Spaces Exhibition – Royal Academy of Arts

sensing spaces 01 sensing spaces 02 sensing spaces 03

Sensing Spaces Exhibition – Royal Academy of Arts

Some of the most creative architectural minds from around the world have been invited by the Royal Academy of Arts to take part in a challenge

The challenge; to give you a new perspective on architecture. Using structures, textures, scents, lighting and colour they will transform the Main Galleries and ask fundamental questions about the nature of architecture.

Visitors will be asked to explore different environments, different moods, touch, climb, sit, talk, walk, contemplate and therefore bring this extraordinary exhibition to life.

Sensing Spaces  is from Saturday 25th January 2014 to Sunday 6th April 2014

Thanks for the Sun colour-changing lamps by Arnout Meijer


Thanks for the Sun 01 Thanks for the Sun 02 Thanks for the Sun 03 Thanks for the Sun 04

Rotterdam designer Arnout Meijer designed the Thanks for the Sun series in response to the need for light that fulfils different roles – providing bright white light for working and aiding concentration, and a warmer, more soothing hue to help people relax before bed.

The colour temperature of this series of LED lamps can be adjusted to create different moods throughout the day.

Meijer says “When you think about a lamp design, you design everything but the light: you design the shade, construction, base, etc but in the end you just screw the light in, I wanted to turn that around and let light play the main character. So I wanted to make a lamp series where the design and the shape was about the light.”

Each of the acrylic lamps incorporates an inner and outer strip of LEDs that can be adjusted using a dial or slider to change the colour of the light from a bright white to a warmer red or yellow