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The Pool at Pyne by T.R.O.P

The Pool-01 The Pool-02 The Pool-03 The Pool-05 The Pool-06 The Pool-07

The Pool is located on the 42nd floor of a residential complex, near Bangkok’s main train station. From above, residents can look down onto the pool where a angulated canopy of concrete frames appear to divide the water into different sections. From the pool level, the pool sits comfortably inside a skeleton styled canopy which flows over and down the side of the rest of the complex. With the introduction of the canopy, the experience becomes much more 3 dimensional, where the structure, the city landscape and the pool are in equilibrium.

The Pit House, Okayama, Japan by UID architects

pit house 01 pit house 02 pit house 03 pit house 04 pit house 05

The Pit House, Okayama, Japan by UID architects

Architect Keisuke Maedai designed the Pit House with the intention of offering its residents 360 degree views of the surrounding landscape. The design is largely below ground, however  50  1 metre steel poles raise the rest of the design, creating spaces for the light to flood into the interior.

The designs cubic structural exterior juxtaposes the smooth curvature of the interior wooden paneling. In doing this, the exterior moulds into the surrounding urban context, whilst the interior offers an amphitheater styled setting to live in.

Goodwood Festival of Speed Porsche Sculpture, by Gerry Judah


Goodwood sculpture 01

Standing at 35 metres and weighing over 22 tonnes, Gerry Judahs installation for Porsche at this years Goodwood Festival of Speed aimed to ”personify the energy and excitement of the car and the Festival of Speed”

The tapered vapour trails create lines an perspective that suggest the three generations of Porsche soaring into the sky.

Goodwood sculpture 02 Goodwood sculpture 03

Gerry Judahs installations are  regular feature of the annual event, haing previously created installations for Lotus, Land Rover, Alfa Romeo and Audi

Goodwood sculpture 04 Goodwood sculpture 05 Goodwood sculpture 06 Goodwood sculpture 07



Royal William Yard Coastal Path Staircase, by Gillespie Yunnie Architects

Royal William Yard staircase 01 Royal William Yard staircase 02 Royal William Yard staircase 03 Royal William Yard staircase 04 Royal William Yard staircase 05

Royal William Yard Coast Path Staircase, Plymouth, by Gillespie Yunnie Architects

Designed by Gillespie Yunnie Architects, this cantilevered stairs link the historic Royal William naval yard in Plymouth, to the public park above, with the dramatic LED illuminated staircase cutting through the formerly impregnable walls, allowing walkers of the South West Coast path to enter walk through the 19th Century yard for the first time.

Stairscase is part of a larger regeneration of the yard by developer Urban Splash, which is also converting Grade I-listed warehouses that previously held supplies of beer, rum and ship’s biscuits into apartments, offices, shops and restaurants.


Ceuta Public Library by Paredes Pedrosa

Ceuta Public Library 03Ceuta Public Library 01Ceuta Public Library 04

Ceuta Public Library, by Paredes Pedrosa

The layout of this public library was determined by an archeological excavation of the ancient fourteenth century Marinid dynasty ruins, architects Paredes Pedrosa had to resolve the ruins sitting at an angle to the current urban grid, resulting in the external walls being angled to merge both geometries.


Triangular pillars situated among the ruins support the high ceiling over the exposed remains allowing visitors to look down on the archeology from the terraced upper floors, which house the book collection, study, lecture and event spaces in a mix of single- and double-height rooms.