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New Forest House by PAD studio

New Forest House 01 New Forest House 02 New Forest House 03 New Forest House 04 New Forest House 05

New Forest House by PAD studio

Located in New Forest National Park, UK, the house’s form, scale materials and detail reinforce the character, distinctiveness and history of the site locally and within the wider context of the New Forest.

In keeping with its context, the house is orientated to maximise solar gains, utilising the solar energy for heating and hot water requirements. The materials used throughout are sustainable, durable and locally sourced where possible – in harmony with the site and its surroundings .

The wall acts like a threshold; stepping through a gap in the wall changes the experience as the site gradually unfolds and the landscape beyond is revealed. The external landscape infuses this house as the boundary between the two is blurred.


Zaror House by Jamie Bendersky Arquitectos

Zaror House 01 Zaror House 02 Zaror House 03 Zaror House 04 Zaror House 05

Zaror House by Jamie Bendersky Arquitectos

The Zaror House was constructed in 2008 in a challenging environment where a combination of of geographical and topographical conditions influenced the design.

Located along the steep southern slope of the foothills of Cerro Manquehue, Chile, the Zaror House is orientated to offer magnificent panoramic views of the valley of Santiago.

A circulation axis capitalizes the length of the plot allows the design to organise all the rooms orienting towards the stunning views.

Vale da Abelha House by Duarte Pape

Vale da Abelha House 01 Vale da Abelha House 02 Vale da Abelha House 03 Vale da Abelha House 04 Vale da Abelha House 05 Vale da Abelha House 06 Vale da Abelha House 07

Vale da Abelha House by Duarte Pape

Located in  the rural village of Mação, northwestern Portugal, architect Durate Pape has designed a residential extension along a long stone wall. The extension is constructed using blue limestone and a contrasting timber cladding.

The long stone wall runs the entire length of the building and provides protection from prevailing northerly winds, whilst orientating the rest of the design southward for maximum sunlight.

The long stone wall also acts as one of the interior facades, suggesting an indirect relationship between the interior and the surrounding exterior landscape. Large sliding glass doors on other facdes enhance the relationship.


iOS 7 – Apple

iOS 7 - 01 iOS 7 - 02 iOS 7 - 03 iOS 7 - 04 iOS 7 - 05

iOS 7 – Apple

A new chapter for iOS sees a reinvention of the display and user face. Apple challenged themselves to make the iOS 7 simpler, more useful and more enjoyable, whilst retaining familiarity.

iOS 7 introduces great new features like Control Center, AirDrop for iOS, and smarter multitasking. It also makes the things you do every day even easier, faster, and more enjoyable. And while many of the apps look different, the way you do things feels perfectly familiar.

The iOS 7 is due to be released this fall

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Garden Bridge Proposal by Thomas Heatherwick

Garden Bridge - 01 Garden Bridge - 02 Garden Bridge - 03Garden Bridge - 04


Garden Bridge Proposal by Thomas Heatherwick

Heatherwick Studio was awarded a tender by the Transport of London to develop ideas for improving pedestrian links across the river.

Official images reveal two fluted piers supporting a walkway planted with trees, grasses and flowers, offering views of the surrounding city. The structure is proposed for a site between the existing Blackfriars and Waterloo bridges, and will cost £60 million.

Isabel Dedring, London’s deputy mayor for transport had stated that ”The mayor has been keen to find an iconic piece of green infrastructure that can symbolise London as a high quality of life place to live”.

This would be the first new bridge built on the river since the Millennium Bridge by Foster + Partners, which originally opened in 2000.

Press Lamp by Nendo


Press Lamp - 01Press Lamp - 01 Press Lamp - 02 Press Lamp - 03 Press Lamp - 04 Press Lamp - 05


Press Lamp by Nendo

Created by Nendo in 2012, Press Lamps are elegant and minimalistic in design, and are all hand-blown.

By pinching the glass and creating a fold in the form, no additional structures are required to support the light fitting.

The Press Lamp design is available in two types: a pendant lamp and a floor lamp.

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Kontum Indochime Cafe by Vo Trong Nghia Architects


Kontum Indochine Cafe - 02 Kontum Indochine Cafe - 03 Kontum Indochine Cafe - 04 Kontum Indochine Cafe - 05 Kontum Indochine Cafe - 06

Kontum Indochime Cafe, by Vo Trong Nghia Architects

Functioning as the restaurant and banqueting hall for the Kontum Indochine Hotel, the open-air Kontum Indochime Cafe is formed by fifteen conical bamboo columns supporting the roof, providing panoramic views over the Dakbla River in Kontum City, Vietnam.

Utilising the surrounding waters and the shade of the overhanging roof help, the cafe space remains cool, even throughout the hottest seasons in Vietnam.

All of the fixings for the columns are made from bamboo rather than steel and were constructed using traditional techniques, such as smoke-drying and the use of bamboo nails. Vo Trong Nghia Architects have constructed various buildings using similar bamboo structures.