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Ipera 25 building, by Alataş Architecture

Ipera 25 building 01

Ipera 25 building 02

Ipera 25 building 03

Ipera 25 building 04

Ipera 25 building 05

Ipera 25 building 06

Ipera 25 building, by Alataş Architecture

A timber clad facade of louvres and shutters give sun protection to the six storey Ipera 25 housing block in Istanbul, Turkey. The undulating facade creates allows glazing to poke through the facade letting light into the apartments, with the structure exposed on the inside.

Despite the sharpe, striking facade, the exterior appears reserved in the context of the street, creating a sympatheic response to the surrounds.

EEL fashion boutique, by Jo Nagasaka


EEL fashion boutique 01

EEL fashion boutique 02

EEL fashion boutique 03

EEL fashion boutique 04

EEL fashion boutique 05

EEL fashion boutique, Tokyo, by Jo Nagasaka of Schemata Architecture Office

This boutique store for fashion brand EEL, has been created by stripping back an office space, removing rather than adding to create a new spacial identity. Carpets and suspended ceilings were removed, and exposed surfaces sanded an polished, create an abandoned warehouse feel, where the clothes are brought to the forefront of the shopping experience, and are the vehicle for warmth and character within the space

Nike Free installation, by Studio-at-Large






Nike Free installation, by Studio-at-Large

An installation at Beijing’s 798 arts district, by Shanghai based design office Studio-at-Large, 8 pairs of running shoes were suspended around an illuminated track, suggesting the feet of 8 invisible athletes.

The installation mixed the appearance of some trainers frozen in motion as well as others laying flat, to present the possible different colour combinations of the shoes, with rows of brightly coloured hung t-shirts around the track to represent spectators.

Ghent Market Hall, by Robbrecht en Daem and Marie-José Van Hee






Ghent Market Hall, by Robbrecht en Daem and Marie-José Van Hee

Belgian studios Robbrecht en Daem and Marie-José Van Hee, have designed the new 40-metre-long market hall in Ghent. Sensitive to it’s location, the dual gabled structure reflects the form of the nearby town hall, and pedestrians access is gained from any of it’s open sides. Rectangular slits in the timber and glass panelled roof allows light to filter through on to this towering, grand space.

Aunts and Uncles, by Philippe Starck

aunts and uncles Philippe Starck 01

aunts and uncles Philippe Starck 02

aunts and uncles Philippe Starck 03

 aunts and uncles Philippe Starck 04

Aunts and Uncles, by Philippe Starck for Kartell

Described as a family of furntiute, this new range by Philippe Starck for Kartell, draws on nostalgia and sentimentality as his influences for the range, My family of Kartell ‘uncles and aunts’ is the minimalist technological version of the armchairs and sofas where my uncles and aunts used to sit smoking their pipes or knitting by the fireplace in total peace and serenity.”

According to manufacturers Kartell, the range is made from using the world’s largest single-piece injection moulding.

To view our range of 3D furniture and Starck and Kartell ranges, please visit:


Statoil Offices, by A-Lab

Statoil offices 01

Statoil offices 02

Statoil offices 03

Statoil offices 04

Statoil offices 05

Statoil offices 06

Statoil regional and international offices, by A-Lab

Situated on the Fornebu peninsula outside the city of Oslo, Norwegian energy company Statoil asked A-Lab to create an iconic building for their regional and international offices.

A-Labs striking response was to build five aluminium-clad volumes, stacked like a pile of horizontal skyscrapers, creating a sharp, imposing structure, set against the scenic fjord landscape.

The five volumes are each 140-metre-long, and when stacked in such a formation, created cantilevers of up to 30 metres between them.


Paper Chandeliers installation 01

Paper Chandeliers installation 02

Paper Chandeliers installation 03

Paper Chandeliers installation, by Cristina Parreño Architecture and Massachusettes Institute of Technology.

A joint collaboaration between Cristina Parreño Architecture and the Massachusettes Institute of Technology, for visitors VIP area at the Febuary 2013 ARCOMadrid, saw a ceiling of undulating cardboard tubes, with a light source above creating a fluid topography of light effects.