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V’ammos Restaurant, Karaiskakis Stadium, Athens.

V’ammos Restaurant, Karaiskakis Stadium, Athens.
 V’ammos Restaurant by LM Architectsis located above the stands in the 32,000-seat Karaiskakis Stadiumto, giving diners a panoramic view of the ground. The space takes reference to the stadium’s coastal situation, by creating a wave like form across the ceiling, while the bar is created from 300 stacked metal cooking beneath a wooden counter, a theme continued in the bathrooms.

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Workaholic, by THINKK Studio

Workaholic, by THINKK Studio
These pendant lights and vases by Bangkok-based THINKK Studio, are part of new their new Workaholic collection, that offers small items for working space or studying area, and use constrasting materials such as concrete, wood and wire frames. Interchangeable parts allow you to alter the look and function of a particular item.
To see the full range, visit:
To see our current range of lighting models and accessories, visit:
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Boat’s House at Millstätter Lake, Austria

Boat’s House at Millstätter Lake, Seeboden, Austria
The Boat’s House at Millstätter Lake by MHM Architects. Sitting at the water’s edge, the building is clad in two materials 
reflecting the relationship of the footprint over water and land. Over section land is wrapped with copper panels, 
while the section extending over the water is clad with lumber planks. 
Regulations prevent the building of a permanent dock, which has lead to a facade system that creates a simple cube when not in use. 
Doors can then slide downward when in use to form platforms
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Flux Cocoon, Switzerland

Flux Cocoon, Lausanne, Switzerland
Flux cocoon by Allegory is a winning project as a part of the the city’s first light festival, the Lausanne Lumières. The instillation is situated at a crossing of vertical and horizontal movements, the concept draws on an abstraction of a knot created by the crossing of pedestrian’s virtual trace at this precise point.
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International Centre For The Arts Jose De Guimaraes, Portugal

International Centre For The Arts Jose De Guimaraes, Portugal
The International Centre For The Arts Jose De Guimaraes by Pitagoras Arquitectos, is two-storey structure built to tie in with the city’s status as European Capital of Culture for 2012 and will showcase a permanent collection of works by local artist Jose de Guimarães. The facade is clad in rows of rectangular brass pipe, giving the centre a golden facade, while mirrors clad the underside of cantilevered rooms on the first floor.
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1111 Lincoln Road Car Park, Miami

1111 Lincoln Road Multi-Storey Car Park, Miami


This Multi-Storey Car Park by Herzog & de Meuron, is also multi-functional as well as being multi-storey, with space that hosts parties, yoga classes and weddings. This concrete building is open to the elements, allowing naturally lit parking levels.  The floor slabs are supported on wedge-shaped columns and an exposed grand central staircase is preferred to an traditional enclosed stairwell, all offering a different, more sculptural realisation of the multi-storey car park. 


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Melkwegbridge, Netherlands

Melkwegbridge, Purmerend, Netherlands
The Melkwegbridge by NEXT Architects and Rietveld Landscape, crosses the Noordhollandsch Kanaal connecting the historic city centre with the growing Weidevenne district, and is the first part of a masterplan for the canal and its surrounding area.
It has a steep arched upper level for pedestrians and a zig-zagging lower pass for cyclists and wheelchairs, the arch rises to 12 metres allowing boats to pass beneath, where as the lower level is split in two, and swings 
open when boats are approaching.
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Vintage Appeal: The Old Cinema

Long gone are the days of cookie-cutter interior design; one size no longer fits all. Today clients and customers alike are looking for individuality in their interiors; opting for vintage is one way to achieve this. Seen in offbeat bars, chain restaurants, and even mass-market retail, we appear to be in the grip of a retro-revolution. 
Will Hanness of The Old Cinema – a destination vintage furniture store – thinks there are plenty of reasons for our current obsession. “This kind of furniture is usually well-made, and is built to last” he says. He explains customers associate vintage with quality, and being environmentally friendly. Hanness also points out that the current economic climate has meant tastes have changed. “Our appetite for glamour, and shiny things has waned. People like things that are distressed and understated.”  
Nostalgia also plays a part; “if people relate a memory to a piece, that is very attractive,” adds Hanness, “it can be poignant.” 
It is clear talking to Hanness, that he thinks it is uniqueness that is the drive behind vintage furniture’s popularity within commercial interiors. “If you have a venue where you invite clients or customers, you want to make the best impression you can,” he says. “You want to seem like a unique company, with your own style? Opting for vintage furniture is a good way to go about it,” he advises
You can take Hanness at his word, as The Old Cinema is a growing success. Occupying a former picture house in West London, the store has been trading since 1989. Their roster of clients includes streetwear retailer Superdry, and hospitality group Soho House. Their stock appears in television, advertising, and film, even cropping up in the new Bond Skyfall
Over the past 20 years, Hanness has seen his vintage customer change, alongside the trends within the market. “The Old Cinema’s customer base now covers a wide age range; buyers are in their early 20s, and onwards,” he says. Mid-20th century British labels have become popular, and a few years ago he began to see industrial furniture appearing in bars and restaurants. As for current trends, stripped and polished metals resonate, but for a more domestic look combine metal with wood; “it makes metal softer and more homely. That is popular right now,” Hannes says. 
3D visualisation company MX 3D Models has been working with The Old Cinema to create models of their vintage items, available to download for designers. Picking highlight pieces from Old Cinema’s collection, MX has produced finely detailed models, built to original dimensions. These models mean designers and clients can now envisage the uniqueness that vintage can provide to a space, even in the early stages of designing. Models can be used alongside the iconic and contemporary items already available in the MX library. Easy to download, and royalty free, these products ensure designers can create high spec, holistic interiors for their clients.  
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Centro Civico Del Bicentenario, Argentina

Centro Civico Del Bicentenario, Córdoba, Argentina
The Córdoba Bicentennial Civic Center by GGMPU Arquitectos, is a an administrative complex consisting of two new buildings. The first is based around a faceted prism creating varying triangular facets, the second is a lower level build that continues the language of geometry both in its overall shape and patterned facade walkways.
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Höst Restaurant, Denmark

Höst, Copenhagen, Denmark
Höst by Norm Architects in collaboration with designers Menu, have evoked the feel of a rustic Scandinavian dining rooms by using industrial pendant lights, woollen blankets and reclaimed wood to create a balance of cosy and minimalism for this new restaurant in Copenhagen.

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