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Porsche Pavilion

Porsche Pavilion, the Autostadt, Wolfsburg

Designed by HENNA, the entrance to the pavilion has a cantileving roof stretchin 25m over the lagoon in front.
Below the roof  a sheltered external space opens up providing seating for a few hundred guests.
Inside the pavilion a space opens up, allowing visitors to experience the sports car brand Porsche and its history. The space continues to a lower level, where there is 400 sqm exhibition stage area. 

The Russian Pavilion by SPEECH Tchoban/ Kuznetsov

Venice  2012 architecture biennale

The Russian Pavilion by SPEECH Tchoban/ Kuznetsov for the 2012 architecture biennale

is comprised of two parts ‘i-city’ and ‘i-land’, addressing Russia’s past and future in a 

highly interactive experience. 

‘i-city’, consists of three rooms with a grid of QR codes covering the walls, floors and ceilings. 

Visitors are given a tablet when they enter, which they can point at any particular code, 
where the tablet translates code into information about the Skolkovo project, 
a future science city just outside Moscow promoting architectural and technological innovations 

Itiquira House

Itiquira House – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Originally designed by the late Roberto Burle Marx, the designer of the Copacabana 
Beach Promenade, it was given a complete overhaul by Brazilian architect Gisele Taranto.

FieldCandy Tents

FieldCandy Tents

UK-based FieldCandy have created a range of stand out from the festival crowd tents . Designs from a group artists and designers – photographers, graphic designers, illustrators, branding and advertising designers – were then transferred to the ultra-light, waterproof flysheet that covers the two-person tent.