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Just a few days before the beginning of the Olympic Games in London, Banksy is back with this fabulous new street art to commemorate the 2012 Games.

Wenlock and Mandeville – iris

Given the imminent opening of the Olympic Games we have decided to include an ‘Olympics related’ post. Creative agency iris designed Wenlock and Mandeville, the mascots for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. 
The two characters are based on blobs of steel used to make the girders for the Olympic stadium, and feature headlights derived from the hire light on London taxis.

Mandeville, the mascot of the Paralympics, is named after the town of Stoke Mandeville, the birthplace of the Paralympic Games. 
Wenlock, the mascot of the Olympic Games, is named after the English town of Much Wenlock, which inspired Baron Pierre de Coubertin to found the modern Olympic movement. 

Kinetic Rain – ART + COM

German design collective ART+COM have installed over a thousand rising and falling metal raindrops in Singapore’s Changi Airport.
Suspended by steel wires, the raindrops are computer-controlled to move up and down in choreographed patterns.
 The dancing installation is in two parts, each comprising 608 copper-covered aluminium raindrops. 

Boiling Hot Water Faucet – Grohe Red

Grohe, Europe’s largest manufacturer of sanitary fittings has released Grohe Red, a faucet that draws boiling filtered water at 99 ºC directly from the tap. 

By keeping three litres of hot liquids ready for immediate use at all times, the fixture is perfect for instant cups of tea and coffee or cooking pasta on demand. A child lock system is incorporated into the design preventing children from accidentally burning themselves.

 The new system promotes sustainable energy consumption, eliminating the need to use a kettle.

Lustre Pendants – Tom Dixon
Continuing his exploration into metallic finishes, Tom Dixon has produced Lustre Pendants, a collection of lighting objects.

The pieces are finished by hand making each one unique as the glaze fixes to the pottery in an unpredictable way, thus producing a range of colours.

The forms of the hanging lamps bring together lines and shapes derived from Mayan temples and Art Deco constructions.

We have many examples of Tom Dixon lighting, like the example below, on our 3D Model Site:

Amalia – Studio Eggpicnic

Using mimbre (wicker) to create useful everyday objects has been a traditional occupation of dwellers in Chilean city of Chimbarongo since the beginning of the century, so Santiago-based Studio Eggpicnic decided it was time to recreate a focal point on this small industry.
Designing the Amalia seating unit, the creative studio feeds the need for continuing this beautiful tradition, but inspired craftsmen to look into a more contemporary outcome.The sinuous lines of this seat were created alongside experienced mimbre manufacturers in order to get this result.
Artisanal tradition was intertwined with modern design to create a constructive method of transposing this modern revitalization in a surprising seat design.