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A New Bus For London – Heatherwick Studios

Here are some photos of the prototype of Thomas Heatherwick‘s redesign of the iconic routemaster bus for London.

The design incorporates two staircases and three doors, including a hop-on-hop-off platform at the back of the bus.

Spinning Light – Benjamin Hubert

This collection, called Spinning Light by designer Benjamin Hubert, is made of spun aluminium shades with injection-moulded PVC fittings. The pieces aim to resemble spinning-top toys. The lacquered finish is available in black, white and purple. 
We have this collection on our 3D Models Site:

Vivero Ellipse Chair – Timo Ripatti

Made of chromed steel and birch plywood with a wool fabric for the upholstery, the Vivero Ellipse chair by Timo Ripatti is as decorative as it is functional.

Here is a similar product from our 3D Model Website:

Elevate – Gillian Westley

Designer Gillian Westley has created a range of cooking utensils that don’t leave a mess on worktops.
The Elevate range, produced by kitchenware brand Joseph Joseph, consists of six implements with central pivots and weighted handles, which keep mess clear of work surfaces. 

Kitchen accessories can also be found on our 3D Modelling Site, here is an example:

ArcelorMittal Orbit – Anish Kapoor and Cecil Balmond

Construction of the controversial 115 metre-high sculpture that artist Anish Kapoor and structural engineer Cecil Balmond designed for the London 2012le Olympic park is now compte. 
Visitors will enter a central elevator to ascend the steel tower, arriving at an observation deck with a panoramic view of the city. To exit, they will be encouraged to climb down a staircase of 455 steps that spirals around the tower’s exterior.
Around 560 metres of red tubular steel form the structure and 250 coloured spotlights illuminate it at night. Internal fit-out will begin soon and the attraction will open to the public before the games begin in July.

Moonbird – Yuikio Hashimoto

Lighting manufacturers Yamagiwa have launched a lamp called Moonbird by Japanese designer Yukio Hashimoto.

Each body is individually carved in wood. State of the art light source technology is applied for the ultra-thin sleek illuminated panel.

Baeza Town Hall – Viar Estudio

Patchy timber shields the glazed upper storeys of this extension to a historic town hall in southern Spain by architects Viar Estudio.
Above the glazed doors to the extension, an extended first floor cantilevers outwards to shelter arriving visitors.
The interior walls of the original town hall remain exposed and intact, so the junctions between new and old are highlighted. 

Nokia Pure Font – Dalton Maag

London designers Dalton Maag have created a font for mobile phone brand Nokia to work in any language.
Called Nokia Pure, it’s been designed to accommodate languages using Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, Arabic and Hebrew alphabets, plus Devanagari and Thai, with more languages including Chinese to follow.

House in Kamakura – Suppose Design Office

Japanese architects Suppose Design Office have completed a house in Kamakura, Japan, which consists of a steel frame constructed between two concrete shafts.

The residence is built directly on an uneven plot of land, and the design aims to overcome the expected structural issues.
This design and method of construction enabled the architects to keep excavation work to a minimum, a time consuming process usually essential when building on uneven land.