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MX-3D Models – Collections

We have worked closely with designers and manufacturers to bring you detailed models of their exciting product ranges and individual pieces. Here are just a few of the pieces we have had the opportunity to work on.

We worked closely with The Old Cinema to bring you detailed models of their exciting range of furniture & accessories:

Jali Capsule Indian Trunk Box

Ozdemir and Caglar Ring Table

Strand Patt 23 Long Nose Light

Chesterfield Tub armchair

We also worked closely with Tom Dixon, and have an exciting range available on our Site:

Link Easy Chair

Mirror Ball Pendant light

Slab Table

Tom Dixon Armchair

We also worked with Unto This Last to bring you a range of their products and accessories on our Site:

Bent Pendant

Cabinet Small

Connecting Tea Lights

Nurbs Chair

Round Chair

MX-3D Models

MX-3D Models is a royalty free downloadable computer model site dedicated to architecture and interior design. The site showcases many aspects of the work we do at MX-Design. 

We have worked closely with designers and manufacturers to bring you detailed models of their exciting product ranges and individual pieces. 

MX 3D Models provide a wide range of product models to use within your visuals and animations, including, furniture models from contemporary manufacturers to designer classics. Highly detailed and built to original dimensions, we provide an exact model allowing you more time to concentrate on your scheme.

Models range from:

Chairs such as the Ottoman Lounger by Charles and Ray Eames.

Lights such as the Mirror Ball Standing Light by Tom Dixon

Tables such as the Warren Platner Table by Warren Platner

We have also modelled various units:

La Cucina Acciaio Kitchen unit by Alessi

Bench and Baby Unit by Ben de Lisi

We have created a design dedicated site with simple navigation and modelling suitable for creating the highest quality visuals. 

Hush Chair Range – Naughtone

Here is the Hush Range from Naughtone, they can be found on the MX-3D Model Site amongst other ranges and great furniture pieces.

Hush Chair Low Sleigh Base

Hush Chair Low Swivel Base
Hush Chair Low Wooden Base

Hush Chair Sleigh Base

Hush Chair Swivel Base

Hush Chair Wooden Base

Fan Chair – Tom Dixon

Fan is a modern take on the classical Windsor chair. A British archetype converted to a contemporary silhouette, Fan makes an exclamation mark in any environment.

The process involves spindles of wood carefully turned, thinned and steam bent to create the slatted silhouette.

This chair can be found on our 3D-Models Site, along with many others.

Kustom Armchair – Bark Furniture

The Kustom Armchair by Bark Furniture, who featured in a designer profile on a previous post on the MX Blog, is fully upholstered with solid walnut arms and distinctive two-tone upholstery.
We recently modelled this piece to add to our furniture library, please let us know what you think!

Spinning Light – Benjamin Hubert

This collection, called Spinning Light by designer Benjamin Hubert, is made of spun aluminium shades with injection-moulded PVC fittings. The pieces aim to resemble spinning-top toys. The lacquered finish is available in black, white and purple. 
We have this collection on our 3D Models Site:

Vivero Ellipse Chair – Timo Ripatti

Made of chromed steel and birch plywood with a wool fabric for the upholstery, the Vivero Ellipse chair by Timo Ripatti is as decorative as it is functional.

Here is a similar product from our 3D Model Website: