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Agar Grove

Tiny Loft 01 Tiny Loft 02 Tiny Loft 03 Tiny Loft 04 Tiny Loft 05

Agar Grove, located in Camden was designed by London based Architects Craft Design. Previously an open plan office, the space was converted into an airy and modern loft. Despite the size of the space, the architects have efficiently capitalised using every available place to provide a spacious open plan space.The central Volume accommodates the bathroom and storage units with the bedroom sitting on top. The far wall bridges everything together whilst providing extra storage.

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Leiden House

Leiden House-01 Leiden House-02 Leiden House-03 Leiden House-04


Firm 8A Architecten have redesigned a small residential house in Leiden by introducing an oak structure which combines a staircase, a sofa and storage.

By incorporating these elements together, the rest of the house, becomes an multipurpose, functional space. The Oak structure combined with the modernised white finishing creates a light, calm environment.

Architect Robert Uijttewaal of 8A Architecten. was asked to make the most of space and light in the 76-square-metre residence, which provides a second home for a Dutch family living in Paris.

The architect began by removing all existing partition walls on the ground floor, then added an oak staircase that merges into a fixed sofa with integrated storage space, similar to the design of a ship’s cabin.

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Gerrit Rietveld’s Stelman Chair Reissued

Steltman chair reissued 01 Steltman chair reissued 02 Steltman chair reissued 03

Gerrit Rietveld’s Stelman Chair Reissued

The Steltman chair, designed by Gerrit Rietveld has been reissued by furniture brand Rietveld Originals to mark the iconic design’s fiftieth anniversary.

The design is broken up into three simple shapes that appear to rest up against and on top of each other. These sections are all upholstered in leather, the original material used to cover the chair

Thanks for the Sun colour-changing lamps by Arnout Meijer


Thanks for the Sun 01 Thanks for the Sun 02 Thanks for the Sun 03 Thanks for the Sun 04

Rotterdam designer Arnout Meijer designed the Thanks for the Sun series in response to the need for light that fulfils different roles – providing bright white light for working and aiding concentration, and a warmer, more soothing hue to help people relax before bed.

The colour temperature of this series of LED lamps can be adjusted to create different moods throughout the day.

Meijer says “When you think about a lamp design, you design everything but the light: you design the shade, construction, base, etc but in the end you just screw the light in, I wanted to turn that around and let light play the main character. So I wanted to make a lamp series where the design and the shape was about the light.”

Each of the acrylic lamps incorporates an inner and outer strip of LEDs that can be adjusted using a dial or slider to change the colour of the light from a bright white to a warmer red or yellow