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Goodwood Festival of Speed Porsche Sculpture, by Gerry Judah


Goodwood sculpture 01

Standing at 35 metres and weighing over 22 tonnes, Gerry Judahs installation for Porsche at this years Goodwood Festival of Speed aimed to ”personify the energy and excitement of the car and the Festival of Speed”

The tapered vapour trails create lines an perspective that suggest the three generations of Porsche soaring into the sky.

Goodwood sculpture 02 Goodwood sculpture 03

Gerry Judahs installations are  regular feature of the annual event, haing previously created installations for Lotus, Land Rover, Alfa Romeo and Audi

Goodwood sculpture 04 Goodwood sculpture 05 Goodwood sculpture 06 Goodwood sculpture 07



Royal William Yard Coastal Path Staircase, by Gillespie Yunnie Architects

Royal William Yard staircase 01 Royal William Yard staircase 02 Royal William Yard staircase 03 Royal William Yard staircase 04 Royal William Yard staircase 05

Royal William Yard Coast Path Staircase, Plymouth, by Gillespie Yunnie Architects

Designed by Gillespie Yunnie Architects, this cantilevered stairs link the historic Royal William naval yard in Plymouth, to the public park above, with the dramatic LED illuminated staircase cutting through the formerly impregnable walls, allowing walkers of the South West Coast path to enter walk through the 19th Century yard for the first time.

Stairscase is part of a larger regeneration of the yard by developer Urban Splash, which is also converting Grade I-listed warehouses that previously held supplies of beer, rum and ship’s biscuits into apartments, offices, shops and restaurants.


Press Lamp by Nendo


Press Lamp - 01Press Lamp - 01 Press Lamp - 02 Press Lamp - 03 Press Lamp - 04 Press Lamp - 05


Press Lamp by Nendo

Created by Nendo in 2012, Press Lamps are elegant and minimalistic in design, and are all hand-blown.

By pinching the glass and creating a fold in the form, no additional structures are required to support the light fitting.

The Press Lamp design is available in two types: a pendant lamp and a floor lamp.

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Ipera 25 building, by Alataş Architecture

Ipera 25 building 01

Ipera 25 building 02

Ipera 25 building 03

Ipera 25 building 04

Ipera 25 building 05

Ipera 25 building 06

Ipera 25 building, by Alataş Architecture

A timber clad facade of louvres and shutters give sun protection to the six storey Ipera 25 housing block in Istanbul, Turkey. The undulating facade creates allows glazing to poke through the facade letting light into the apartments, with the structure exposed on the inside.

Despite the sharpe, striking facade, the exterior appears reserved in the context of the street, creating a sympatheic response to the surrounds.

EEL fashion boutique, by Jo Nagasaka


EEL fashion boutique 01

EEL fashion boutique 02

EEL fashion boutique 03

EEL fashion boutique 04

EEL fashion boutique 05

EEL fashion boutique, Tokyo, by Jo Nagasaka of Schemata Architecture Office

This boutique store for fashion brand EEL, has been created by stripping back an office space, removing rather than adding to create a new spacial identity. Carpets and suspended ceilings were removed, and exposed surfaces sanded an polished, create an abandoned warehouse feel, where the clothes are brought to the forefront of the shopping experience, and are the vehicle for warmth and character within the space

Aunts and Uncles, by Philippe Starck

aunts and uncles Philippe Starck 01

aunts and uncles Philippe Starck 02

aunts and uncles Philippe Starck 03

 aunts and uncles Philippe Starck 04

Aunts and Uncles, by Philippe Starck for Kartell

Described as a family of furntiute, this new range by Philippe Starck for Kartell, draws on nostalgia and sentimentality as his influences for the range, My family of Kartell ‘uncles and aunts’ is the minimalist technological version of the armchairs and sofas where my uncles and aunts used to sit smoking their pipes or knitting by the fireplace in total peace and serenity.”

According to manufacturers Kartell, the range is made from using the world’s largest single-piece injection moulding.

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Paper Chandeliers installation 01

Paper Chandeliers installation 02

Paper Chandeliers installation 03

Paper Chandeliers installation, by Cristina Parreño Architecture and Massachusettes Institute of Technology.

A joint collaboaration between Cristina Parreño Architecture and the Massachusettes Institute of Technology, for visitors VIP area at the Febuary 2013 ARCOMadrid, saw a ceiling of undulating cardboard tubes, with a light source above creating a fluid topography of light effects.